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“The EUREKA network needs more funding if it is to become a successful business portal,” says Luuk Borg in a recent interview for the European Research and Innovation Review of The Parliament Magazine.

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the lifeblood of the European economy. They are most capable of turning knowledge into growth, great ideas into commercial success, and turning research into rewards.

EUREKA is about developing the great ideas from these companies through international collaboration in industrially-led research and development (R&D) projects, financed through national, public and private funding.

EUREKA delivers – this is what attracts businesses to us. Apart from the ease of access to financial support, our non-bureaucratic, service-oriented structure, with an honest and transparent approach meets client expectations.

EUROSTARS was born at a time when there was no real support scheme for R&D-performing SMEs. EUREKA’s excellent reputation amongst industry and access to national funding, together with the political and financial strength of the European Commission, gave birth to the concept of EUROSTARS for the companies of the future.

EUROSTARS is now becoming a real European success story. It represents a low-cost alternative as all management and evaluation are done by Eureka and not by the national or regional administrations. In this light, the current financial crisis should be viewed as an opportunity.

‘I want EUREKA to win its deserved place in the European research area’, continued Borg, ‘and become a major player in the technological implementation of R&D in Europe. I want Eureka to become a portal for business access to services offered by organisations like the European Investment Bank. Now we just need the money’. Read the full article here:

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