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Last week I was in Madrid for the European Nanoelectronics Forum 2010, a conference sponsored by EUREKA’s CATRENE Cluster. CATRENE is a pan-European program supporting cooperative R&D projects in microelectronics. I was at the conference to give a presentation on the “Israeli Chairmanship’s Views of the EUREKA Clusters and CATRENE”, and while there had the opportunity to hear about fascinating EUREKA-supported projects in the field of nanotechnologies, like the intuitive TV sensor developed by German company Infineon technologies, designed to reduce the waste of electric energy in home appliances.

It seems that if TVs and other appliances were turned off when no one was using them, we could save 25% of domestic electricity consumption. Infeneon’s product answers that need when it comes to TVs; it can sense if there’s anyone in the room – and even more so whether a person in the room has their eyes closed. Remarkably, if there is no one present with open eyes, the TV switches itself off.

This was just one of the many interesting projects supported by CATRENE and EUREKA. Utilizing nanoelectronic technology, CATRENE projects and products like Infeneon’s can help save energy and the environment. It is in this spirit that cluster projects fit in quite well with the Israeli Chairmanship’s focus on clean technologies, and the EUREKA Clean-Tech Action in particular.

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Dr. Eli Opper, EUREKA HLG Chairman
Dr. Eli Opper, EUREKA HLG Chairman
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