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By Dr. Eli Opper, EUREKA High-Level Group Chairman

The Israeli EUREKA Chairmanship held its third event in Israel this month, hosting EUREKA’s National Project Coordinators and High Level Group Representatives, as well as representatives from the Clusters and Eurostars program, in the beautiful and enchanting cities of Haifa and Nazareth.

Dr. Eli Opper at the NPC Dinner in Nazareth

The meetings and support activities celebrated the unique and diverse culture of Northern Israel, while also highlighting cooperation opportunities with local high-tech companies and technological incubators in the Galilee.

In fact, the Network hosted several Jewish and Arab entrepreneurs from the Galilee region during its National Project Coordinators dinner in Nazareth on April 5, 2011, including CEOs of a variety of companies and technological incubator programs, such as NGT (Next-Generation Technology), Kinrot Ventures, Galil Software, Nazdaq, and Alpha Omega, among others. Alpha Omega is a biotech company which has actually received support through the Israeli Office of the Chief Scientist through a cooperative project with a German company.

The stories of success and the insights these companies shared reminded me why cooperative programs and networks like EUREKA are so important to industrial participants, and especially why regional cooperation is crucial to addressing the challenges and problems we all face.

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